Production Capabilities

With 10,000 litres total capacity, the facility consists of 19 jacketed reactors available in glass lined and stainless steel. Capacities range from 20 litres to 1350 litres making Varichem ideally suited to small and semi-bulk manufacturing.

R&D and Kilo-Lab Capabilities

Fully equipped laboratories to perform multistep synthesis from grams to kilograms.

Analytical Capabilities

Fully equipped analytical laboratories with facilities to handle light sensitive materials.

  • Agilent HPLC system with Diode Array multi-wavelength detector.
  • Waters GPC system with UV detection
  • Agilent Capillary GC system with FID
Material Sciences:
  • Mettler Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • SRS Optimelt
  • Sartorius MA-40 Moisture Balance
  • Nikon microscope
  • Micromass LCMS system with APCI
  • Perkin Elmer FTIR with ATR option
  • Unicam UV/VIS spectrometer
  • Multinuclear NMR 600MHz (offsite)
Wet Chemistry:
  • Mettler Karl Fischer
  • Mettler T50 Autotitration
  • Brookfield Digital Viscometer
  • Parr Density Meter and Lovibond Colourimeter


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